A Thousand Worlds Apart

Lyrics: every time the lights go downI see your face from afarand even when the sun burns outI will hold you in my heart a thousand worlds apart every time the lights go downI see your face in my mindand even when I fall apartand leave the world behind I will hold you in my […]

Talking Rhythm With the Sound Waves (Single)

Buy the song on bandcamp. Lyrics:I’m the monster stepping in your sunshineclutching rainbows in sieve-fisted ironsnacking on asteroidsselling clouds on the galactic black markettwo for a dollar I’m the flicker in your candlelight, dancing (dancing)the breeze is my song and your romancingburns like memorysniffing oxygen becomes a habit Ican’t afford once upon a time I […]

Hello internet!

So, here’s what happened. The site was up and running and looking fine, but then a raccoon burst into the server room and knocked down every rack in a frenzy of hate-fueled madness. While we’re sorting that out, the site is temporarily down. Please check back soon. Music is still available at music.spacethief.com and soundcloud.com/spacethief. […]

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